River Bar Soaps

That’s a Wrap!

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Well, today was wrapping day, and the process is, as they say, as simple as 1 – 2 – 3:

(1) We place each bar in sheet of shrink wrap

(2) We utilize a heat wand to enclose it in a little bag, and

(3) We blow it with a heat gun to shrink the wrap snugly around the bar.

We wrap our soap in a biodegradeable wrap called Biolefin It has tiny perforations that allow a bit of the soap’s fragrance to come through, which we like!  Art at National Shrinkwrap was a helpful guide in our decision-making process about which equipment to buy, and we’ve been very happy with his product.

After we wrap, we print labels for the front and back of each bar.  There are specific guidelines for labeling soap, as we learned at last year’s Handcrafted Soapmakers’ Guild Annual Conference.  Since then, we’ve learned even more through materials shared by Marie Gale, who has written extensively on the proper labeling of handcrafted soap and cosmetics.

Lots of links in today’s post–that’s because there are so many folks who have graciously helped us along in our soapy journey.

Today I finished Tropical Vacation, Sandalwood, and Toasted Coconut, so . . . that’s a wrap!

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