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Rainy Day Gardening and Soap Extrusion


Rainy Day Gardening 

It’s a rainy Memorial Day in Redwood National Park country, but we decided to not be wimpy–it’s not uncommon to have some rain here on Memorial Day weekend–so we trudged out in the drizzle to amend the soil in three new garden boxes.  It only took about an hour to mix all the smelly stuff in, and it wasn’t raining hard–just lightly.  I’m sure we looked pretty silly though–gardening in the rain as we were–to the Memorial Day travelers driving home with their dampened camp gear and spirits.  But, we’re glad that this part of the project is done and we can move on to planting and finishing the landscaping around the boxes–on another day—not a rainy day!

Soap Extrusion

Sunday is usually Soapmaking Day for us, and yesterday was no exception.  Rick’s brother and sister-in-law came by just as we were getting ready to pour the first batch.  They had not seen our process before, so stayed to watch for a bit.  They stock River Bar Soaps in their grocery store, the Hiouchi Hamlet, so it was kind of cool that they stopped at just the right time to watch how it is made!

So today, after our less-than-sunny time in the garden, we extruded and sliced the three varieties of soap we made yesterday: Ocean Mist, Lemon Blossom and Cedarwood.  We usually leave the soap in the tubes for 24-30 hours.  It certainly can be left longer than that, but we get too excited to see what it’s going to look like, so we most often push it out of the tubes and slice it the day after we make it.

Author: gin

I am a lover of God and of nature. I am a blessed wife and a mom of marvelous adult children. I am Grandma Juju. I am a musician, a friend, a knitter and soapmaker, a listener, a walker and a finder of beach agates.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Day Gardening and Soap Extrusion

  1. Hi Ging,
    It’s so fun to see your process, or at least this small part of it. Thanks for sharing.
    See you in Idaho!

  2. PS. I love your soaps – all that I have tried. 🙂

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