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Origami, Take Two

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20130722_214236-1Last year after watching this Ted Talk, I found an upcoming a Origami exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. Our son Sam and family live just south of Sacramento and he likes folding paper as much as I do, so I sent him the exhibit info along with a link to the prospectus, and he replied that we had to come down and see it!

Rick and I arranged to go to Sacramento for a weekend last July (2012) and we all excitedly entered the Crocker and scanned the horizon for information about the Origami exhibit.  When we didn’t see anything to guide us to its location, Sam and I  picked up a museum brochure at the reception desk and perused it eagerly.  Hmmm, no information here either, so we stepped up to the greeter and asked if she could direct us to the Origami exhibit.

She said, “We don’t have an Origami exhibit.”

“Oh,” I said, somewhat sheepishly, “because . . . the online information said . . . the exhibit would be here between June 30th and September 30th.”

That’s when she smiled and said, “Of 2013.  June 30th of 2013.”

“Ahhh,” Sam and I nodded in unison, “2013.”

We had a wonderful tour of the museum anyway and vowed to come back in 2013 for the Origami exhibit!

At Christmastime, Sam stuffed vouchers into our stockings entitling us to a tour of the Crocker this summer—when the Origami exhibit would actually be there!  We cashed in on that promise when we were in Sacramento recently and were treated to a lovely morning at the museum with Sam and his family.

The special exhibit is outstanding—I highly recommend it if you are within range of the Crocker Art Museum between now and September 30th.  We could not take photos of the exhibit pieces, but you can see photos of many of them at the prospectus link above. We were, however, encouraged to take photos along this colorful, be-craned walkway.

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