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We received such wonderful thanks last week from a friend who needed soap to take to Belize on a mission trip.  We were privileged to spend time with this young woman when she was a teenager, along with her brother and mom.  These kids, who were like family to us, grew up, moved away, and are now doing exciting things like getting married and serving in the Navy.  Wow!  How time flies!

Anyway, Holly posted on Facebook that she would soon be traveling to Belize to build a school, and she wanted soap and toiletries to give as small gifts to the local people she met.  Rick acted on her post by packing up a large Priority Mail box of “family” soap and we shipped it to her in time for her trip. Sweet girl that she is, she posted this thank you on Facebook:

“A big thank you to two amazing people in Crescent City, Ginger and Rick (he taught me how to play guitar, both mentors to Sean and I) at River Bar Soaps for the amazing smelling natural soaps donated for our Belize mission trip. We love the smell of them and know they will be loved.
Check em out and go buy amazing soap in CC or at riverbarsoaps.com. Thanks!”


Thank YOU, Holly!  We hope the folks you meet enjoy them.  I think Belize may be the farthest River Bar Soaps have traveled.  Where have you taken your River Bars?  If they’ve traveled a greater distance with you, please let us know!

Author: gin

I am a lover of God and of nature. I am a blessed wife and a mom of marvelous adult children. I am Grandma Juju. I am a musician, a friend, a knitter and soapmaker, a listener, a walker and a finder of beach agates.

2 thoughts on “Soap Box

  1. ahh yes…my soaps have traveled from the car to the bathroom to the kitchen to the laundry room and back to the bathroom…even as far as the upstairs bathroom:) Once I get them upstairs…I don’t let them travel anymore!
    Love Love Love your soaps!

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