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I learned a new word this past weekend: lagniappe!  Do you know this word?  I liked the sound of it even before I looked up the definition.  Here is what the dictionary says about lagniappe, which is pronounced lan’ yep.

      1. a small gift, especially one given to a customer who makes a purchase
      2. something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus

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Retract, and a Skin Fact


Yesterday I posted pictures of a new product for River Bar Soaps: Sunscreen Bars.  If  you read the post, you know I mentioned that I was waiting for an answer from an expert to a question I had about labeling the sunscreen bars.  Well, I received Marie’s answer, and here it is, in part: Continue reading

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Here Comes the Sun, doo doo doo doo, Here Comes the Sun . . .

Here Comes the Sun — such a happy Beatles song.  I wonder how many times it’s made me smile over the years?  Well, as promised yesterday, here are River Bar Soaps’ Sunscreen Bars.  I poured some into our normal “tin-shaped” bars and others into small twist-up containers.  The twist-up containers should be handy to toss into a beachbag or backpack. I’m waiting for an answer from a labeling expert about whether we can actually call these “sunscreen” or whether there is some prohibition against doing so.  Continue reading

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Firstfruits and Sunscreen


This morning I pulled the first of our French Breakfast radishes and ate them for . . . breakfast!  All the seeds I tucked into the soil last month are becoming recognizable as their correlating vegetable plants.  Simply amazing!  Carrots, kale, shallots, radishes, lettuce and snap peas are following the instructions God imprinted into their previous generations: grow and prosper!  I think I love the peas the most.  One of my favorite summer pasttimes is standing in the evening garden grazing on peas ’til I’m full–the best kind of feast! Continue reading