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It’s Friday — Skin Fact(s) Day!

Here are just a couple of skin facts dealing with numbers—very large numbers.

  • Our skin continually sloughs off, so much so that every 4-6 weeks we get a completely fresh layer of outer skin.
  • We lose about 30,000 – 40,000 skin cells every hour.
  • This equates to approximately 1.5 pounds of skin per year, or Continue reading


Retract, and a Skin Fact


Yesterday I posted pictures of a new product for River Bar Soaps: Sunscreen Bars.  If  you read the post, you know I mentioned that I was waiting for an answer from an expert to a question I had about labeling the sunscreen bars.  Well, I received Marie’s answer, and here it is, in part: Continue reading

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Today is Skin Fact Day!

OK class, what is the largest organ of our bodies?  That’s right, our SKIN!  According to National Geographic, adults carry about 22 square feet of skin weighing approximately 8 pounds.  For reference, that would be Continue reading