River Bar Soaps


The Hog and Dog Whisperer and a Pro Rodeo

My time in South Carolina this summer included a stint as a food service worker in my brother and sister-in-law’s new project: a food truck called The Hog and Dog Whisperer.  The featured fare in this wagon is Southern-style BBQ and dressed-up hot dogs, all of which have cute dog names: Continue reading

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River Bar Travelers

20131004_183703We started making these smaller soaps for a couple of vacation rentals we’re working with and for wedding favors, and this year I decided to take them to the Downtown Crescent City Farmers and Artisans Market where I hang out on Wednesdays.   Continue reading


Summer Travels

imageSome of my summer travels included a trip with my sister to South Carolina to see our brother and sister-in-law and to Florida to attend our niece’s wedding.  Great trip all around.  Such fun being with my siblings and the wedding was, of course, beautiful!  Here is a shot of my handsome brother and my lovely niece, Amie. Continue reading


I Love Lucy

It occurred to me while looking through previous posts that I have shared a couple of pictures of our little critter without properly introducing her.  This is our dog, Lucy.  She just had her 11th birthday, but she’s a pretty spry little lady for her advanced years.   Continue reading