River Bar Soaps

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The Soap Scoop

triune soapYesterday and several days next week will be soapmaking days. Why, you might ask, so many soap days when we normally just make soap on Sundays?  Well, because this week we received our largest order to date. By magnitudes. Big order. Very exciting!

So now we need to replenish stock.  The timing is great: Continue reading

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First things First

imageSome things have to be done before one can bevel soap.  Rick will be beveling this evening and I want to show that part of our process, but when he arrived home today, I promptly met him with the news that the Service Center guy will be here tomorrow to replace the defrost heater in our freezer.  So here stands Rick with blow dryer in hand, melting the ice off the coils.  A heater in a freezer . . . hmmm . . . I think I’ll stick to making soap rather than try to sort that out.

More on beveling shortly . . . Continue reading