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I learned a new word this past weekend: lagniappe!  Do you know this word?  I liked the sound of it even before I looked up the definition.  Here is what the dictionary says about lagniappe, which is pronounced lan’ yep.

      1. a small gift, especially one given to a customer who makes a purchase
      2. something given or obtained as a gratuity or bonus

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Here Comes the Sun, doo doo doo doo, Here Comes the Sun . . .

Here Comes the Sun — such a happy Beatles song.  I wonder how many times it’s made me smile over the years?  Well, as promised yesterday, here are River Bar Soaps’ Sunscreen Bars.  I poured some into our normal “tin-shaped” bars and others into small twist-up containers.  The twist-up containers should be handy to toss into a beachbag or backpack. I’m waiting for an answer from a labeling expert about whether we can actually call these “sunscreen” or whether there is some prohibition against doing so.  Continue reading