River Bar Soaps

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The Soap Scoop

triune soapYesterday and several days next week will be soapmaking days. Why, you might ask, so many soap days when we normally just make soap on Sundays?  Well, because this week we received our largest order to date. By magnitudes. Big order. Very exciting!

So now we need to replenish stock.  The timing is great: Continue reading


When I’m Not Making Soap . . .

When I’m not making soap, I knit!  Among other things, of course, but I DO love to knit.  Lately I’ve been smitten with the cutest sock monkey pattern.  I think designer Annita Wilschut had genius skills in designing Monkey Jacobus-this is such a well-written pattern and a fun knit that I’m working on Number Six!   Continue reading

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I checked the weather forecast as is my custom before a Market day, and a Small Craft Advisory was in effect until Thursday afternoon. Being a coastal person, I’ve heard this term all my life, but my vague definition runs thus: the wind is going to blow like crazy, but not as hard as storm-caliber wind.  Probably not the most pleasant day to hunt for agates or plan a picnic on the beach. What it actually means, according to Wikipedia, is that the winds “have reached, or are expected to reach within 12 hours, a speed marginally less than gale force.”  Hmmm . . . Continue reading


Patchouli Yuzu With A Twist

On Sunday we made our seImagecond batch of Patchouli Yuzu, but this time with a twist–a literal twist! We used a technique we found here to make a two-color swirl in a tube.  This may or may not be exciting to you, but it certainly was to us, as we’d just been trying to work out how we might accomplish this when we saw Soaping 101’s Spa Bars technique video.   Continue reading


Batch Number Eighty-Seven

As part of our soapmaking process, we keep a record of each batch of soap we make.  We’ve dBatch 87.1one this since Day Number One, Batch Number One.  Why?  Because somehow my husband knew it was the proper way to start this adventure.

There are several good reasons for keeping a log book as a soapmaker: Continue reading

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First things First

imageSome things have to be done before one can bevel soap.  Rick will be beveling this evening and I want to show that part of our process, but when he arrived home today, I promptly met him with the news that the Service Center guy will be here tomorrow to replace the defrost heater in our freezer.  So here stands Rick with blow dryer in hand, melting the ice off the coils.  A heater in a freezer . . . hmmm . . . I think I’ll stick to making soap rather than try to sort that out.

More on beveling shortly . . . Continue reading


Rainy Day Gardening and Soap Extrusion

Rainy Day Gardening 

It’s a rainy Memorial Day in Redwood National Park country, but we decided to not be wimpy–it’s not uncommon to have some rain here on Memorial Day weekend–so we trudged out in the drizzle to amend the soil in three new garden boxes.   Continue reading